Vision, Mission, & Values


Like most good stories, our beginnings can be traced back to a bar discussing the ills of the world and our underlying need to help. After having similar experiences volunteering and working in the nonprofit world, our mission became clear.

Translate decades of professional experience into a business focused on helping social impact organizations become more Impaktfel.

Our Vision

Driving solutions with social impact organizations
to solve the world’s most pressing problems

Our Mission

At Impaktfel, we help social impact organizations innovate to achieve their mission.

How? We work with our community partners to help them:

– Identify the root cause of their problems using human centered design methods

– Develop the structure and processes to overcome organizational chaos using Agile/Scrum

– Move towards sustained growth through earned income strategies

– Leverage research, data, analytics and available best practices to drive impactful outcomes

– And, scale their efforts for systemic change through collective impact and advocacy

Our Values



Adapt to rapid change to achieve peak productivity


Deliver cross-functional, comprehensive solutions


Evaluate impact, by focusing on quantifiable outcomes


Accomplish your mission, above all else