Case Study - Community Innovation Lab

Background Summary


Community Innovation Lab (CIL) at University of Kentucky is a public-private partnership of academics and practitioners, drawing on their team members, community partners and lab fellows expertise to help pioneer social change.

Starting in 2019, Impaktfel joined CIL and teamed up to begin work on driving community-led solutions to Lexington, Kentucky’s most complex social problems.


Partnering for Impact

Community Development Higher Education Collaborative (Ongoing)

CIL needed help building out their marketing and communication efforts for their Community Developmet Higher Education Collaborative, specifically focused on their digital marketing presence and engagement strategy for a national, virtual community of education professionals and practitioners.

After going through an evalaution and design process, we were able to implement a website redesign and develop a lean onboarding process and communications strategy to drive engagement. We continue to refine and revise our approach using data and analytics.


Community Market (Ongoing)

Late in 2019, we were approached by a local nonprofit to help them drive a more inclusive and welcoming community market in a rapidly changing community in Lexington, leveraging techniques in observational data collection, market research, and community engagement techniques.

The project is currently underway, with results coming in Fall 2020.