Case Study - CivicLex

Background Summary


CivicLex is a civic engagement and education nonprofit based in Lexington, KY, focused on bringing daylight to the issues, policies, and procedures impacting Fayette County.

In 2019, we worked with their team to develop, execute, and analyze a county-wide market research survey to better understand the systemic issues faced by small and medium sized nonprofits in Fayette County, Kentucky.

The result was a first of its kind report, entitled Toward Viability: An Analysis of Fayette County’s Nonprofit Workforce Health.

Market Research Study

Survey Development

Drawing on our experience from the for-profit world conducting employee engagement surveys, we worked with CivicLex to develop a comprehensive suite of questions aimed at better understanding how engaged the nonprofit workforce was in Fayette County. From basic engagement questions, to evaluating satisfaction across broad categories like benefits, communication, pay and organizational effectiveness, we sought to better understand common areas of concern across our pool of respondents and that could impact the nonprofit industry as a whole.


Collecting Responses

With 1,900+ nonprofits registered in Fayette County, we dug into the data and focused on roughly 300 small to medium sized nonprofits, seeking responses from board members, executives and their staff. When all was said and done, over the course of a month we received responses from nearly 200 of the target organizations using direct outreach methods. 


Analyzing & Presenting Results

Our last area of support was in helping to analyze and identify key findings that could be used to develop an action plan at the local level to drive more engagement among nonprofit employees and board members.

A summary of our high-level findings can be found at