Case Study - Brooklyn Art Incubator

Background Summary


Brooklyn Art Incubator (BAI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, conducting workshops to help facilitate community-led development projects, providing arts education classes to help amplify the voices of the marginalized, and supporting artists and public art projects around the world.

With a relationship that started all the way back in 2013 through our co-founder, Loren Wood, our work with BAI has run the gamut from web development and grant writing, to helping set a strategic vision and actually becoming a part of the team to help see it through to fruition.

The Journey (continues…)

Marketing & Development Support

BAI needed help with their marketing and development efforts, specifically focused on their digital marketing presence and grant writing support for local foundation and governmental funding opportunities.

After going through our evalaution and design process, we were able to go implement a total website redesign in one week, and have continued to provide support to this day, with the latest version of their website launching in Spring 2020.

And, what started as grant writing support that helped them land their largest grant in organizational history to helping them increase their impact threefold, has evolved into the development of a sustainable funding plan that incorporates a diversified mix of donations, grant funding and earned income/revenue.


Setting a New Strategic Vision

After 15 years of providing arts education support for the Brooklyn community, with an ever-growing suite of services, BAI wanted to reset their focus.

With the help of Impatkfel, over a series of workshops, they were able to rally around a new vision, mission and a core service offering entitled Art for Community Transformation (ACT), helping inspire their tight-knit team to leverage the arts and drive community-led change that they could all get behind.

Project Management Principles to See the Vision Through

Over the years, team members and volunteers came and went, but BAI continued to push through, scrambling to stay focused on the task at hand (achieving their mission). They knew there had to be a better way.

So, with the help of Impaktfel, they settled on leveraging Scrum, borrowed from the tech software development world, to refocus and reprioritize their efforts, ensuring they get the most out of their small and nimble team every day.